Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you take to pump the full tank?

If your tank has a riser and everything goes okay, we don’t take more than 40-45 minutes to pump your tank fully. If there is no riser and you excavate the place before we come, it won’t take a lot more than 45 minutes. But if we have to dig to the tank, it would take more than one and a half hours. 

Does your truck need to enter my lawn?

To keep any potential mess away, our truck has to be parked as close as possible to the septic tank. Typically in most cases, there is enough space for trucks to stand closer to the septic tank. We think we can park as close as possible in the case of working with your tank too. 

If there is no way of going closer to the tank, we can use longer pipes. But we have to be a bit extra careful in this scenario. 

Is there any possibility of a mess if your truck enters the lawn?

Our trucks are free from any leakage. So, there is no chance of leaving any drip of oil or dirt behind on your lawn. So, don’t worry about this. We are careful and conscious about this.

Would I be accused of violating the law after taking your service?

There is no chance of it. We make sure that each rule is followed while installing, replacing, or pumping your septic tank. Our professional service always focuses on getting the job done without any clash with the law. So, don’t worry about violations of rules and regulations. 

Do you empty the tanks fully?

Yes, we do. We have no record of leaving the tanks after pumping it half. We have trucks that can handle the sludge from large tanks. So, while working with household properties, we can easily empty the tank fully. 

In the case of larger tanks, we carry two of our pumping trucks. So, don’t worry about that. We aren’t leaving any sludge behind in your septic tank.

Do you have the tools to locate the septic tank?

Typically we don’t carry tank locating tools. But we can do it for you. 

If you don’t know the location of your septic tank, let us know while calling us. We’ll bring the necessary tools required to locate your septic tank. This won’t cost you an additional charge. But if you take our septic tank locating service separately, we charge a few bucks for that. The amount depends on your location.

Do you fix Drainfields?

Yes, we fix drain fields too. In that case, you’ll have to communicate the issue properly while calling us. Besides, we have to know some information like the size of the drain field, the distance between the drain field and septic tank, etc. 

These are not mandatory information but knowing these will help us to be more prepared to deal with the issue.

How long do you take to fix drainfields?

It depends on the issue itself. Sludge build-up is a common issue with the drain field. Some other issues are vehicle damages, tree roots, rainwater, etc. 

Depending on the problem and size of the drain field, the duration to fix the problem varies. We can answer this question after checking the issue by ourselves.

What is included in your inspection service?

In our septic tank inspection service, we perform several inspections. Those are given below-

  • Locating your septic tank 
  • Checking the level of scum, sludge, and water in the tank
  • Check for any leaks in the tank and the septic system
  • Checking the effluent filter (if there is any)
  • Inspecting other mechanical parts (if any)
  • Looking for signs of sewage backup
  • Checking the drainfield condition
  • Tests to check the condition if necessary 
  • Detailed discussion about the current situation of the system
  • Suggestions if there is any

Do you have a license from the appropriate authority for providing the service?

Yes, we are licensed for delivering the service. In every state where we provide the service, we have permission from the appropriate local authority. 

We have been working in this business for a long time. In this long journey, we have never disrespected law. 

How much do you take for septic tank service?

Our services are not overpriced at all. We want you to get rid of septic tank issues as soon as possible. So, we keep the charge lower than most other companies. However, to maintain the quality of our service, we have to charge a minimum amount for each.

We have several services for which we have different prices. So, it is not possible to communicate the charges here. Check our service packages to know the prices. 

Do I have to be at home when you come?

It is not necessary that you’ll have to receive us when we go to your property. However, someone responsible from your side should be there. Also, if you have any message, you can convey it to us over the phone. 

In this case, you have to make an advanced payment using your card.

Do you repair the septic tank system?

Yes, we do. We perform several septic tank services and repairing the tank is one of those. If there is any issue in the system, we fix that. 

Do you install lift stations?

Yes, we also install lift stations. Let us know if you want to install lift stations. However, this is a lengthy process. So, book us someday when you’ll be at home. 

Why don’t you do septic engineering?

Septic engineering should be done by a professional and certified engineer who can design the system for you. This is required when you’re going to install a new septic system. 

We don’t do it because we don’t have any certified septic engineers in our team. So, according to the law, we are not able to do septic tank engineering. We all have to follow the law, right?

Do you have any solution for grease?

Yes, we can install grease traps in your septic tank system that would catch the grease. Our professional service will take care of the grease easily so that you can make your septic tank last a bit longer.

What about pumping grease traps?

Typically a plumbing service can pump the grease traps and dump that to a specific place. We don’t have the authority to do so. However, if you’re worried about this issue, don’t be. We can hire a professional plumbing service for you to pump the grease tank.

If you have more questions, call us directly. We’re waiting for your call.