How To Install a Septic Tank

How To Install a Septic Tank – Step by Step Updated Guide

Installing a septic tank is not an easy task to do. It requires some time and effort. Also, when it is about installing a whole new septic system, the amount of work you have to do is huge. This is a step-by-step process that includes design, permission, and so on. 

Many of us don’t have enough idea about the complete process of the septic tank installation. So, I’m going to explain the process briefly here. 

The process discussed here is the basic procedure which can vary a bit depending on the place you’re living. Also, it is for simple septic tank systems. If yours is a bit complex, you may find some differences in the installation process. 

I hope you’ve understood that I’m just going to discuss the basic way of installing the tank. For details, you can contact any septic tank service. Now let’s know how to install a septic tank.

Process of Installing a Septic Tank

The Process of Installing a Septic Tank

Step 1- Designing the System

The process of installing a septic system starts with designing the system. For designing the system, a site survey and a soil test is done. The site survey is done to check the amount of available space, location of underwater and groundwater sources, and a few other things. The soil test is done to check the soil type, how the layers of soil are set, and its ability to filter and drain wastewater. 

Depending on the site survey and the result of a soil test, a system is designed accordingly. It should be done by an expert and certified professional. 

Step 2- Asking for Permission and Approval

After the system is designed, you have to ask for authorization from the relevant authority. For permission, you’ll have to submit the design and several other papers properly. The papers you’ll need to submit will be found on the website of the responsible authority. 

After submitting the papers and other additionals to the authority, you have to wait for approval. For increasing the chance of getting approval, make sure that you’ve submitted everything properly. Also, the design and other papers should follow the laws and regulations of building and plumbing codes.

Step 3- Gathering the Essentials

After getting the approval, it is time to gather everything you’ll need for the installation. You have to dig the ground, set the pipes, and so on. So, you need to arrange several tools for digging, pipes of several sizes, the tank itself, safety gadgets, etc. 

After making sure that you’re fully equipped, go for the next step.

Step 4- Installation

According to the design, start digging the soil. Make sure that you’re doing the job according to the exact measurement in the design.

In most cases, people dig the soil for the tank first and set the tank because it is the biggest part. Then they dig for the pipes. You can follow this too. Before setting the tank, make sure that there is no leak in the tank. 

Install the inlets and outlets after the tank. This allows you to precisely set the pipes and fix the slight mistake in the design if there is any.

After installing the pipes, go for the leach field. 

Step 5- Checking the System

This is not mandatory, but to be on the safe side, you can check the system for any leak by flushing your toilet. 

It will help you to find out any leak or other issue that should be fixed. 

Step 6- Covering the System

In some areas, a local health inspector checks the whole system before covering it with soil. After receiving a green signal from the inspector, cover the pipes, tank, and drainfield with soil. 

Final Verdict

This is the basic process of installing a septic system. Every step comes with so many details. You’ll have to study a bit more about those. I’ve talked about just the basic process so that you can prepare yourself before jumping to work. 

However, if you don’t want to face all these hassles, you can leave the tension to us. We install septic tanks with an expert and experienced team. Also, our service won’t cost you much. So, you can put all the hassles to us and enjoy your time.

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