How Long Do Septic Tanks Last

How Long Do Septic Tanks Last? Fully Explained in Details

No matter how well you maintain your septic tank, it has to come to an end someday. This fact should put a question to the mind- how long do septic tanks last?

You already carry this question in your mind, I know. That’s what brings you here. However, in this article, I’ll be discussing the typical life duration of a septic tank and which factors have an impact on it. This article will help you to get the answer to your question.

So, keep reading.

Septic Tanks Last

How Long Do Septic Tanks Last?

None can exactly tell how long your septic tank is going to serve you. In the case of residential septic tanks, a typical life expectancy is around 20 to 40 years. If you maintain the tank moderately, it would serve you around 20-25 years. If you take care of it very well, you can expect it to function for around 35-40 years. 

Not taking care of the tank and septic system damages the tank. So, you might not get benefitted from it for more than 10-15 years. 

In the case of commercial septic tanks, the typical life expectancy is around 15 to 35 years. Proper maintenance might increase the life expectancy a bit.

The life expectancy of the tanks varies this much because of several factors. Now I’m going to talk about those. 

Life expectancy of Septic Tanks

Factors having Impact on the Life expectancy of Septic Tanks


The lifespan of a septic tank depends on the material that has been used to build the tank. Concrete and fiberglass tanks come with a longer lifespan because of their strength. Plastic tanks are a bit weaker in most cases. So, they come with a shorter lifespan. 

Steel tanks are strong. But they are prone to rust attacks. So, you can’t expect long service life from them.


The soil around the tank also affects the lifespan of the tank. Typically, it should be somewhere where the soil is not damp. If you place it somewhere like this, it won’t last long. 

For this, take professional help to select the location for placing your septic tank. 

How It is Installed

The tank should be installed properly. A proper installation depends on several factors including how you’re handling the tank. So, make sure you’re getting it installed by a professional. 

Our professional septic tank installation service is conducted by experts with knowledge and experience. So, you can call us. 


The lifespan also depends on how you maintain the tank. If you take proper care of the tank and the septic system, it would last for a long time. On the other hand, mismanagement of the tank causes damage and leads to faster depreciation. 


The tank should be inspected to ensure that it is not overflowing. When it overflows, it goes under pressure. So, overflow is bad for it. If several overflows happen, it damages the tank and reduces its lifespan gradually. 

So, make sure that the tank is being pumped before it becomes full. 

What You’re Throwing Inside

Things you’re throwing inside also affect the tank. Septic tanks are made for handling human waste and some other things. But if you throw things like chemicals, oil, paint, and things that don’t get decomposed easily, the environment inside the tank changes. 

This is not suitable for the tank itself. Such issues also cause a shorter lifespan of the tank. 

Final Verdict

These are not all. Several other factors have minor impacts on the lifespan of the septic tank.

I’ve already said that it is not possible for anyone to tell exactly how long a septic tank would last. The manufacturer of the tank can give you a rough idea about it. Also, the professional who is installing it can guess. 

Starting from installation, for any kind of septic tank issues, call us. We ensure professional service at a reasonable price. 

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