What Does a Septic Tank Look Like

What Does a Septic Tank Look Like? – Explain in Details

Not seeing a septic tank might happen because typically a septic tank is installed for around 25 to 30 years. So, if you frequently change houses, this is very possible that you haven’t seen the septic tank of any of the houses. In this case, the question might grow in your mind- what does a septic tank look like?

Here in this article, I’ve tried to give a proper answer to the question. Here I’ll be talking about the basic structure of a septic tank. There are various models you’ll find in the market and some might come with a visible difference. In this discussion, those might not be covered. 

So, let’s start talking about the appearance of a septic tank.

appearance of a Septic Tank

The appearance of a Septic Tank

Shape and Material

Typically, septic tanks are of two shapes- box-shaped and barrel-shaped. Most of the tanks are large in size for carrying a huge amount of human waste and sludge.

Common materials used to build these tanks are concrete, thick plastic, steel, and fiberglass. Most old tanks are made of concrete or concrete blocks. In recent times, several other materials or a mix of multiple materials are used to build septic tanks.

Openings on the Top Surface

Depending on the design and size, septic tanks come with 1-3 lids on them. In a tank with one lid, this is the only opening used for inspection, pumping, and other tasks. If the tank comes with two lids, one is for checking the inlet pipe and another is for the outlet pipe. I’ll be discussing inlet and outlet pipes later. Tasks like inspection, pumping, etc. are done through both openings. 

If the tank comes with three lids, which means three openings on the top, the small one might be for inspection purposes. The rest two are for checking the inlet and outlet pipe.

Openings on Sidewalls

Openings on Sidewalls

Most septic tanks come with two openings on opposite sidewalls- one on each side. One opening is for the inlet pipe while another one is for the outlet pipe. Let’s know about the inlet and outlet pipe. 

The Inlet pipe is the pipe through which wastewater runs to the tank from your household. On the opposite wall, the outlet pipe is placed which takes only water from the tank to the drainfield. It takes the water out to make sure that there is enough room in the tank for wastewater to come.

Other Parts

Some recent septic tanks come with scopes for attaching several accessories. It depends on the type of pump. 

You’ll also find some hooks in several parts of the tank. Those are typically used for hooking the tank for carrying comfort. Some septic tank has a filter on the outlet pipe to make sure that only water goes to the drainfield. It helps to maintain the drainfield and keep it free from damage.

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Final Verdict

This is the basic structure of a septic tank. With time, several things are being included in the tank. Still, you’ll find the basic structure is the same. However, you’ll find some above-ground septic tanks that come with a bit different design.

I guess this article has helped you to know what does a septic tank looks like. This is nothing but a tank where human waste and wastewater are stored. Waste is decomposed here and the water is sent out through the drainfield. 

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