How Long Does It Take to Replace a Septic Tank

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Septic Tank?

As everything comes with a date of expiration, your septic tank too. Besides, for various reasons like damage or anything, your septic tank should be replaced early. No matter what the reason is, when you have to replace the septic tank, you shouldn’t be late.

You have to schedule the septic tank replacement according to your comfort. Though you won’t do this actively, you should be there when the service providers do that. This is why you should know how long it might take to replace the tank. 

Even you can be interested in it without any reason. So, here I am with the answer. Let’s know how long it takes to replace a septic tank. 

Time Required for Septic Tank replacement

Installing a septic tank requires around a half-day or a day. But when it is about replacement on the tank, there are several other tasks related to it. So, it definitely takes more than a day. 

Still, you’ll find some service providers who are quick and can do this within a day if everything else remains okay and the old tank is not damaged. 

So, a typical septic tank replacement may take one or two days if you have to replace the tank only. If the drain field also needs to be replaced, it would take one or two additional days. 

Time Required for Septic Tank replacement

Factors having Impacts on It

Several factors have impacts on the exact time required to replace your septic tank. Let’s talk about those below.

Type of the Tank

You’ll find several types of septic tanks in the market. Depending on the type of the old tank and new one, the required time varies. If your old tank is a simple one with minimum additional accessories, it doesn’t take a huge time to remove it. On the other hand, a complex tank with many accessories takes some time to be removed.

Similarly, if you’re installing a simple one, it won’t take much time. But installing a complex system takes some time. 

Damage of the Tank

If the old tank is damaged, it should be repaired temporarily to bring it out without creating a mess. As a result, it takes some additional time. 

It also depends on how much damaged the tank is. If it is damaged seriously, repairing it takes some time. On the other hand, simple damage doesn’t take much time. The challenging task is to find out the damage. 

Condition of the Surroundings

The condition of the soil surrounding the tank is another factor that has an impact on the time required to replace it. 

If the surrounding is not in a good condition for digging, it takes some time to carefully dig and reach the tank. Thus it affects the time required to replace the tank. 

Condition of the Drainfield

Condition of the Drainfield

The condition of the drain field also affects the time you need to replace the tank. 

The drain field is connected to the septic tank directly. So, replacing the tank requires disconnecting it from the old tank and linking it to the new one. If the drain field is not in a good condition, disconnecting and connecting becomes hassles and creates a mess. 

So, it takes some time to manage the drain field. 

The Company Itself

The company that is doing the job for you also matters when it is about the time you need to replace the tank. 

If the company is an expert and has experience of working with a similar type of tank, it can do the job faster. But with less expertise, it would take some time to get the job done. 

Also, if it has enough people to work on the tank and drain field at a time, it would save a huge amount of time. Otherwise, it might take a bit long. 

Final Verdict

Replacing a septic tank is easier in some cases. But from some points, it is tougher than installing a new septic tank

I guess now you have an idea about how much time it may take to get your septic tank replaced. So schedule your septic tank replacement accordingly so that you can be there and observe everything. 

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