How To Hide Septic Tank Lids

How To Hide Septic Tank Lids? – A Step by Step Guide

When the septic tank lid is level to the ground, it doesn’t look good on your lawn. As a lawn decoration, a septic tank lid is really a bad option. So, hiding it under a decoration or something else is a good idea.

You can easily hide the lid of the septic tank. However, this doesn’t mean you can use anything to keep it hidden. Here in this article, I’m going to talk about several ways to keep your septic tank lids hidden. Besides, you’ll see some common mistakes people do when hiding tank lids. 

So, stay with me.

Ways To Hide Septic Tank Lids

  • You can put a light status on the lid. Also, you can go for potted plants that can easily be replaced. 
  • Around the lid, you can plant some long native grass that has fibrous roots. This will help you to keep the lid hidden from the view. 
  • Artificial landscape rock is a good option for covering the lid. However, make sure that the artificial rock is light enough to remove easily.
  • You’ll find different covers for your septic tank lid. You can use those to make sure that the lid is not visible. These are designed to get blended into the landscape.
  • You can use movable rock gardens to completely disguise the lid. You can remove those anytime you need to check the tank.
  • Use small tiles or stones to place randomly on the lid to create a mosaic design. This creates an attractive disguise for the septic tank lid. 
  • You can utilize an old wine barrel. Cut it in half and fill it with flowers. Then place it on the lid. Also, you can place the wine barrel upside down to give it a simple look of a rock cover or something like this.
  • The easiest way is to paint the lid. Paint the lid in the same color as its surroundings so that it doesn’t remain visible. You can also do some innovative painting to make it look attractive. 

These are some common tips using which you can prevent the septic tank lids from being irritatingly visible. 

Mistakes Done While Hiding Septic Tank Lids

Mistakes Done While Hiding Septic Tank Lids

While hiding septic tank lids, people make some mistakes that can be hazardous. Below are some of those common mistakes that you should avoid. 

  • Planting trees or bushes near the lid is a big mistake. Roots of trees and bushes can ruin the septic system by tangling with the line. 
  • Fencing can be a good option to hide or keep the lids away. However, while placing the fence, don’t stake those far down, especially when the drainfield is very near.
  • While placing any landscaping, sculpture, or stone on the lid, going for heavy ones is a big mistake. Heavy ones are tough to move. Also, those can cause accidents while replacing. 
  • Some try to hide the septic tank lid under the car or other vehicle. This is a big mistake. You shouldn’t park any vehicle around the septic tank or drainfield.
  • Vegetable gardens might seem to be a good option to hide the septic tank lid. But it is not. There is a chance of contamination that can make you ill if you eat the vegetables from the plants. So, don’t plant vegetable gardens near the septic tank lid or drain field.

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Final Verdict

Hiding a septic tank lid is a must especially if you have a nicely arranged lawn. I’ve suggested some cheap and low-maintenance ways to do this. I hope this article will help you to find the most comfortable way for you. 

Also, make sure you aren’t making mistakes. 

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