How To Find Septic Tank Lid

How To Find Septic Tank Lid – A Step by Step Guide

When you’re new at a house and need to inspect the septic tank, you have to find out the lid. But the lid is not visible if the tank doesn’t have a riser. Even if it has a riser, the riser lid is not necessarily always visible. Sometimes it hides under the soil because of neglecting it. 

As a result, when you need to reach the tank, the lid can’t be found. 

If you’re stuck in this situation, I know how you’re feeling right now. Don’t worry. I’ll be sharing a few ways to find out the septic tank lid. I hope any of these ways will aid you to locate the lid. 

Ways To Find Septic Tank Lid

Call the Previous Owner

The easiest way is to communicate with the previous owner of the property. You must have the contact address or any other communication scope. Use that to ask about the position of the septic tank. 

If the previous owner is unreachable for some reason or doesn’t know the location of the tank, you’ll have to go for the next tricks.

Look for a Sign

Typically, septic tank installation leaves a sign in the yard. So, you can look for such signs to find a septic tank lid. Any high spot or low spot has a chance to have the septic tank under it. 

Also, if you’ve moved to the home recently, look for some areas where the grass is different than the rest. After septic tank installation or inspection, the grass that grows in the excavated area becomes a bit different compared to the rest. So, this is a good sign if the tank is installed, pumped, or replaced recently.

Looking for a sign in the yard may take some time, but there is a chance that you’ll find the riser lid or the tank. However, avoid places like near a well, any type of landscaping, or paved areas. 

Follow the Sewer Line

Wastewater runs toward the septic tank through the sewer line. So, if you follow the sewer line, you’ll find the septic tank. 

To follow the sewer line, at first you’ll have to find it. You’ll find the sewer line in your basement or crawl Place. Check those and look for the sewer pipe of 4-inch diameter. After getting the pipe, mark its location on the outside. 

Go back to the yard, find out the spot, and take the help of a metal probe to follow the line. Try probing every 2 feet. The tank is typically placed around 5-6 feet deep from the surface. So, make sure that your probe can reach that. If it hits anything made of fiberglass, metal, or flat concrete, this must be your septic tank. 

Check the Maps

If the probe can’t help you, you can go and look for a map. In some states, you receive a map while buying the house. Check that to see if the septic tank is marked there or not. There is a little chance but it can save your time.

If the map doesn’t contain the mark of the septic tank, you can check the maps available at the relevant authority that monitors the installation and maintenance of the septic tank in your state. They should have a map containing the location of the septic tank of your property. 

But if the tank is installed before making it mandatory, you won’t get a clue from there. 

In that case, check the building permit from the local authority. This may help you.

Call a Professional

When nothing above works, you’ll have to contact a professional. There are several professional services that’ll search and find your septic tank. 

Doing this will make you spend some bucks, but you’ll find the lid within a short time. 

So, after finding out the riser lid or the tank, make sure that you’ve marked it properly. Doing this would save your bucks and time. 

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Final Verdict

You don’t know when you have to fix or inspect the septic tank. So, if you don’t want to suffer later, you should check the maps or ask for the location of the septic tank while buying a house. 

However, if you forget that somehow, these are the ways to find a septic tank lid. 

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