How To Dissolve Baby Wipes in Septic Tank

How To Dissolve Baby Wipes in Septic Tank? – Guidelines

The Septic tank handles only the waste that can be decomposed by bacteria in the natural process. Anything except these can cause a serious disaster in the tank that can cost you a huge amount of bucks. Besides, wastes that don’t be decomposed in the system are harmful to the environment too.

Today, we’re talking about baby wipes that can’t be decomposed in the natural process. 

How To Dissolve Baby Wipes in Septic Tank?

As baby wipes don’t dissolve in the natural process of decomposition, people ask to use drain cleaner on these for decomposing easily. 

But the truth is- drain cleaner can’t dissolve or disintegrate baby wipes or any other types of wipes. Even if the wipe comes with a ‘septic safe’ seal, it doesn’t get dissolved in the drain cleaner. Besides, when you use drain cleaner on baby wipes and then flush it in your septic system, the chemicals in the drain cleaner destroy the useful bacteria of the system.

There is no way you can dissolve baby wipes to throw those in the septic system. If you use any chemical product to do this, the chemical would kill the essential bacteria.

So, do not flush baby wipes or any type of wipes through your septic tank system. 

What Happens when You Flush Baby Wipes in the Septic System

What Happens when You Flush Baby Wipes in the Septic System?

When you flush baby wipes in your toilet, several issues may occur. Those are discussed below.

  • Baby wipes come with chemicals. Those are gentle on the skin of your baby, but not on the bacteria in the tank. So, when you flush those in the system, the bacteria who were busy decomposing your waste dies.
  • While flushing, wipes can get stuck somewhere in the pipe. As these don’t dissolve, accumulation happens. Eventually, these clog the line and cause water and waste backup in the house.
  • With the stuck wipes, grimes, grease, and fat can accumulate and make fatbergs which are responsible for the slow flow of water and waste. Besides, these also cause frequent clogs.
  • If there are so many wipes in the tank, these don’t allow proper separation of water and waste. As a result, The tank gets full quickly and you have to pump more frequently.

You can see that disposing of baby wipes in the septic system causes several issues. To fix these issues or the results, you’ll have to spend a huge amount of money. Instead of that, being careful is easier and cheaper, right?

What To Do With Baby Wipes

What To Do With Baby Wipes?

So, you should stay away from throwing the wipes in your toilet or septic system. Instead of that, you can follow the ideas given below.

1. You can simply throw those in a waste bin or garbage bag. Also, you can use a separate bag for storing used baby wipes and then throw the bag in the garbage can regularly.

2. Some baby wipes come with a different method of disposal. The suggested method depends on the material it is made with. Check the packaging and you’ll find the method. Follow that method to dispose of the wipes.

However, don’t follow it is says ‘flush safe’. No baby wipe is flush-safe.

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Final Verdict

I hope this article has helped you to know why you shouldn’t throw baby wipes in the septic tank. Doing this can disrupt your septic system that costs a lot of your time and money. Also, you may face health hazards for this.

Still, if you’re throwing your baby wipe in your toilet, be ready to fight issues related to the tank. Also, don’t forget to arrange some bucks for that. 

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