How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in Septic Tank

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in Septic Tank? – Explained

Toilet paper is one of the most common things that are flushed through your septic system. So, people who want to maintain a healthy septic system always ask- is it okay to flush toilet paper in the septic tank? How can we make sure that the toilet paper is getting dissolved? 

Here in this article, you’ll find the answers to those questions. Also, you’ll find additional relevant information related to this topic. So, keep reading to get your answer. 

Is there any extra step required to dissolve toilet paper?

Typically, the toilet papers we found in the market are made in a special way. Because of the material and formula, toilet paper gets dissolved in the water easily. The time required to dissolve varies depending on factors like material and formula. 

So, you won’t have to take any special steps to ensure that the toilet paper you’re flushing through the septic system gets dissolved. 

That doesn’t say that you can’t take an extra step to get it done easily. 

There are some toilet papers that take a lot of time. You can do something for those. However, let’s perform a test first to check if your toilet paper gets dissolved easily or not.

Check if the Toilet paper dissolves Fast

Check if the Toilet paper dissolves Fast

To check it, follow the three-step test.

Step 1: Take 3-4 sheets of your toilet paper. Put those in a jar or water container.

Step 2: Pour two cups of water into the jar or container. Keep it steel for around 20-25 minutes.

Step 3: Stir the water inside the jar for around 10-15 seconds. Then, allow it a few minutes to sit properly.

Now, if you see that the toilet paper inside is dissolved, it is very much friendly for your septic system. You can continue using it. If most of it is dissolved, you can go with that too. But picking one that dissolves fast is better.

If you see that the toilet paper is not dissolved, you should change it immediately. Otherwise, it would keep bothering your septic system frequently. 

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper

If your toilet tissue takes time to get dissolved in water, you can use some chemicals like bleach or something like this to dissolve it first. But the problem is- excess bleach is harmful to the septic system. So, this can’t be a permanent solution. 

You can also go for Septic Blast or products like this to get rid of toilet paper in your septic system. Most of these products are not harmful to your septic system. But I don’t think that using these products frequently. Though these are not harmful to the septic system, you should be careful because overuse of anything can be dangerous. 

To stay away from any type of issue, I suggest going for toilet paper that dissolves easily. Let me talk about some which dissolve easily.

Toilet Paper that You can Use

Toilet Paper that You can Use

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Biodegradable toilet paper doesn’t come with non-dissolvable fibers. Also, these come with a loser bond. So, those dissolve easily when you throw those in your septic tank. This allows you to get a septic tank free from toilet paper-related issues.

Disintegrating Toilet Papers

These are made to disintegrate as soon as they come in contact with the water. In some cases, these tissues dissolve even before reaching the septic tank. So, if possible, go for disintegrating toilet papers. This will reduce pumping frequency.

Recycled Toilet Paper

Recycled toilet papers are also another good option. These toilet papers are made of short fibers instead of longer ones. As a result, these take a very short time to get dissolved in the water. If you think the toilet paper you use is a problem for your septic tank, you can switch to recycled toilet paper.

You can also follow some simple rules to stay away from toilet paper issues. I suggest having a trash bin for toilet tissues in your toilet and throwing the tissues there. Then, throw the tissues with your garbage. 

Also, you can regulate the use of tissue in your toilet. I am not asking to restrict the use of tissue. Just try to make sure that you aren’t using more than enough. Just focusing on this will help you to keep your septic system safe from a large chunk of tissue. 

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Final Verdict

There are ways to dissolve tissue in the septic tank. However, we don’t suggest excess use of those. Instead of that, you can change your toilet tissue and switch to the ones that dissolve easily. This will help you to stay free from tension.

The best way is not to throw tissue paper in the toilet. If you throw, reduce the amount and make sure you’re not using toilet paper unnecessarily. This will help a lot. 

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